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At Piara Waters Primary School, all members of our school community are committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment where all members have the right to be respected and have a responsibility to respect each other.

Our staff model positive behaviours to our students and endeavour to foster strong partnerships with families and communities.

School rules and values

In 2021, the school staff and students reviewed the school values and our golden rules. It is expected these are followed by all students.

Our values are on display on the grass area between the office and library. Our Golden Rules are on display around the school.

Download our Golden Rules

Download our School Values

Positive Approach

Our school focuses on rewarding positive behaviour.  This is through individual classroom positive behaviour systems and our whole school Gold and Faction tokens.

Where students do not display the expected behaviour, classroom teachers follow a common process using a Behaviour Tracking Book.

Download a summary of our Whole school behaviour processes.

Useful Resources

Bullying. No Way! provides information and strategies for students, parents.

A good source of information is also the e-Safety Commission website. There is information for parents  about cyberbullying.