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In 2021, the Department of Education created a policy to protect information shared with third party services. Parents and carers are asked to consent to the  applications and websites we use at Piara Waters Primary School which collect student information.

You can download and complete our current consent form here:

Third Party Consent Form (PDF)

Or, you can complete the online version here:

Online version - Third Party Consent Form

The form outlines the data recorded and where it is stored for each of the applications and websites that require a student account.

All applications and website listed in the form have been assessed by the Department of Education and are approved for use in schools. This is a whole school form, therefore your child may not use all listed applications now, but may do so in the future.

As we have update some applications and sites, we are re-seeking consent for all current students in 2023, and for any new enrolments.  We will only seek consent again if applications are added, or if the consent level alters for any application. 

ICT User Agreements (For parents and students)

The provision of ICT services at Piara Waters Primary School expands the range of teaching and learning opportunities available to staff and students.

Access to these services will enable improvement in learning outcomes and effective integration across the Western Australian Curriculum.

In educating students for a rapidly changing world it is important for them to learn how to use technology safely, constructively and effectively.

The agreement below will enable students and their parents to understand the guidelines for the acceptable use of ICT services in our school.

Being a user of the technology at school is a privilege and all students have the responsibility to use these facilities appropriately. 

All students must sign our Internet and iPad usage agreement annually.

If students are not meeting the requirements of this agreement their access to using their device and/or the school device or network may be restricted for a period of time, or in the case of a serious breach, for the remainder of the school year.

Both the student and the parent must sign the agreement

Download the 2024:

Kindergarten to Year 2 User Agreement

Year 3 to 6 User Agreement

Year 6 BYOD User Agreement