At Piara Waters PS, we are lucky to have two Chaplains. Tina Lowther works on a Monday and Tina Major works on a Tuesday. Please see some information below about What Chaplains do at Piara Waters PS and some information about both Tina's.


What does a YouthCARE chaplain do?

School Chaplains

Provide pastoral care for staff, students and families
Link schools with the local community, support agencies, and organizations
Assist and support in school events
Facilitate pastoral support programs and resources
Support mentor and encourage the school community.


Tina Lowther

Piara Waters Primary has a wonderfully welcoming feel and I have appreciated becoming part of the school community. You’ll find me here on Mondays, so please say hello when you see me around.

It’s my hope as your chaplain to be available to listen, care, affirm and promote well-being, acceptance, and resilience. I look forward to supporting our community and families make a difference for our children. 

I am at school on Mondays. If you are in need of support, a coffee, and a chat, please feel free to contact me on 


Programs and Activities I am involved in:

Providing a safe inviting space for Pastoral contact and appointments with students including visiting and spending time in classrooms.
Assisting families connecting with the school and building rapport through the provision of pastoral care and support.

Tina Major


My role in the School Community is to support our Students, Staff and Parents with things such as social, emotional, mental health and well being as well as friendship issues, school transition, family separation, financial hardship, FIFO family support, language classes in the local community and lots more! I am a multi-faith Chaplain which means that I am here to support you and your family regardless of religious background or not.


I come from a BIG family being the #11 of twelve kids! I speak 3 languages and am an aunt to 34! Some of the things I love to do are cooking, playing guitar, travel, reading/learning, docos/film, live music, crochet/sewing, and singing. I am of Samoan, Chinese and Tongan heritage, a wife and Mother. If you see me around, please do stop and introduce yourself, I would love to meet you so come and say hi!


I am at School Tuesdays only at this point. If you are need of support, a coffee, and chat, please feel free to contact me on