Best friends

are formed
and forged
for a lifetime.

About Us

Our school vision of Collaboration, Community and Contemporary underpins everything that we do. We aspire to being known as a contemporary learning environment that empowers students to learn, grow and thrive as active citizens who will positively contribute to their community. 

Piara Waters Primary School opened in February 2012 catering for students in Kindergarten to Year 6 and is located in the suburb of Piara Waters (South Metropolitan Education Region). Piara Waters Primary School became an Independent Public School in 2015.

Our Values:
As citizens of Piara Waters Primary School, we:
* Demonstrate respect
* Actively participate
* Engage collaboratively
* Take responsibility
* Show generosity

Our Learning Motto:
Each day we will learn to live, create to grow, inspire to thrive.
* Our school understands, supports and helps to grow community.
* Our school collaborates with each other and the broader community to achieve strong, sustainable outcomes.
* Our school is innovative and responsive to changing needs. 

The staff work together to provide an inclusive learning environment where every student experiences success. We are proud of our reputation in setting high standards for both academic and social/emotional achievement for all. We provide a contemporary learning environment where teaching programs are based upon current research and evidence-based practices. Our staff believe that students benefit from explicit instruction in their development of social skills. A specific focus in ensuring a balanced (academic and social emotional) program is provided for students and is a key priority included in all aspects of our school planning.