1:1 Program - Intro & FAQ

Purchasing 1:1 iPads

1:1 – Intro and FAQ

Under the Australian Curriculum, it is expected that students learn to use technology effectively and appropriately to access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively in all learning areas at school. Our 1:1 program has allowed our teachers to individualise learning, which can increase independence and self-initiated learning in students, and extend their learning beyond the classroom.

As in any classroom, there will be times when students will work independently and times where they will work collaboratively.

While students have their devices with them and available for use throughout the school day, they will not be used in every lesson and their use will vary from day-to-day depending on the learning focus.

Pen and paper will continue to be used every day in the classroom, just as it is currently. Devices are primarily a learning tool and not intended to replace pens and pencils. Much of the students' planning of their devices activities will be conducted using pen and paper. And importantly, given the nature of school and national testing, the use of devices will not detract from our teaching focus on legible handwriting.

Teachers will select applications that support the explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy as well as problem solving and critical and creative thinking activities, in addition to accessing selected websites and digital learning objects.

A meeting will be arranged for students and parents to address the care, management and handling of the devices. Additional support will include parent workshops on cyber safety and appropriate home use. It is intended that ongoing support will be provided as required.

The school shares responsibility with parents, governments and the community to protect our children from the impact of inappropriate material on the internet. A Student Usage Policy and Parent Agreement is signed by students and parents at the beginning of each year. A primary school classroom is a protective and ideal environment to teach students safe and effective internet use and cyber safety before high school.

To accompany the purchase of an iPad, you will be required to install a small collection of flexible apps on your child's device for them to participate fully in the 1:1 program. 

Your devices should be fitted with a protective case or carry bag. The security of the device is the responsibility of the parent/carer outside of school hours. Devices will not be allowed to be used before or after school in the school grounds. Students are not allowed to remove their devices from classes during lunch or recess. Students will be responsible to carry their devices to other classes if required.

Benefits of a 1:1 Program

  • Improved independence and self-initiated learning among students
  • Improved student motivation and active engagement in learning in literacy and numeracy
  • Improved capacity for teachers to plan for and meet individual student needs
  • Extend students? learning beyond the classroom
  • Improve parental engagement in learning
  • Strengthen connections between home and school


From what year do students participate in the 1:1 iPad Program?

The 1:1 iPad Program in 2020 is for students from Years 3 to 6.

Can our child bring something other than an iPad?

Our 1:1 program is first and foremost a learning program – it is designed with broad opportunities for students to Create, Communicate, and Investigate with technology in mind. By recommending a common device, it allows our teachers to plan classroom activities and projects with a common sense of what your kids can do, without needing to worry about what the devices are.

In providing an efficient and effective 1:1 environment careful consideration was undertaken to select and recommend the most appropriate device to support students and teachers in enhancing day-to-day learning experiences. iPads are durable and reliable, they connect easily to our network, are quick to start up and put away and work seamlessly with our school's online environment. This means more time engaged in learning, and less time trying to make the tools work.

We already have an iPad that we purchased independently, or we could pick one up at a retail store. Can we just bring that?

Of course. We would ask that it can comfortably keep pace with current software updates, and is set up so that its primary purpose is for school.

For purchases of new devices, the school has chosen to partner with Winthrop Australia to provide a 1:1 iPad program that is supported well beyond the provision of the device itself. Our partnership with Winthrop Australia allows us to provide the technical support and insurance options that best suit the use of these devices within our school.

If an iPad has been purchased privately students can bring this device to school to enhance their learning experiences. The choice to use a privately purchased device requires a strong commitment from families to ensure the device comes to and from school on a daily basis to optimise the opportunities where the technology can support students learning. Connectivity to the school network and functionality of the device whilst in the school environment will be supported where possible but cannot be guaranteed for devices purchased privately.

Privately purchased devices will not have access to the technical support provided to students whose device is procured through the school's 1:1 program.

How is the device kept secure?

Protection against theft and/or loss of the device requires a combination of human and physical environment factors to work together to mitigate these potential risks. The best defence against this possibility is the education of the student, at home and at school, to act vigilantly with regards to the security of their device.

Will my child have to share their iPad with others?

No. Situations will arise in which students will work together in groups, but they will always be in charge of their own device.

What about moving to high school?

Harrisdale SHS has launched their 1:1 program independently, based around a connected online environment and a device that works with active touch so that students can work with their hands as well as with a keyboard and cursor. By recommending a mobile, touch-friendly device that is consistent with the rest of our technology environment, we are able to build a bridge towards a change of platform without sidelining the four years of primary school between Year 3 and the beginning of high school.

The need to purchase several generations of device over your child's school years has also factored in to our decision to recommend an iPad, as it is a lower cost entry point than other devices.