1:1 iPad Program

iPad 1:1 Program Information

From Kindergarten to Year 3 the school will provide an iPad to students for use in class.Piara Waters Primary School has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) iPad program in place for Years 4 - 6. Parents are asked to provide an iPad in a sturdy case, headphones and a small range of apps.

Device Requirements and Purchasing

To ensure compatibility with the school and classroom needs, we ask that all iPads have the following features:

  • The device must be an iPad (7th generation minimum), iPad Pro, iPad Air or newer. The iPad Mini is too small for effective student learning. Only iPad is suitable for the 1:1 program. We can not support other devices, including laptops or tablets.
  • The iPad must have iOS15 installed.
  • The iPad must have at least 32gb of data storage (128gb preferred).
  • The iPad must come to school with a protective case.
  • Headphones are required.
  • An Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon are recommended extras.

We have partnered with Winthrop Australia. This enables you to access discounted devices and protective cases, an AppleCare+ Protection Plan, options for insurance and financing, home delivery of your device and ongoing access to Winthrop’s Service Portal in the event that your child’s device needs repair.

Winthrop provides many different options for purchasing, including bundled packages. Please visit bit.ly/piarawaters to access the purchasing portal. Please note: You may choose to purchase your child's device elsewhere. We do leave this choice entirely up to you, but please keep in mind all the requirements and insurances when purchasing from other stores as privately purchased devices will not have access to the same technical support provided to students whose device is procured through the school’s 1:1 program.

Learning with iPads at Piara Waters

Empowering our staff and students to lead their learning with technology is at the heart of our vision and we have seen significant growth in student’s confidence and capabilities when using digital technologies to maximise learning opportunities.

At Piara Waters Primary School we believe that learning with technology should be:
Contemporary teaching and learning practices that inspire problem solving and critical thinking.
Technology teaching and learning experiences that ensure connection with the curriculum and learning with others.
Cultivate a growth mindset that is constantly striving to improve teaching and learning through developing targeted, rich and compelling learning.
Community Focused
Connect ethically and responsively within the local community and with learners from around the world.

Online Safety

We want out students to access technology in a safe environment and we take this responsibility seriously. Education about online safety is a priority for students, staff and parents. We continue to build the skills in our staff, and keep as up to date as we can with current risks.

At Piara Waters Primary School we have a small list of carefully selected applications (apps) and websites which students will be using to support and enhance their learning. These apps and websites have undergone rigorous risk assessment by the department of Education and have been deemed safe for our students to use. Parents will be provided a list of these apps and websites at the start of each school year.

We offer information sessions for parents to provide information about the ways they can help students become safe online when they are not on school grounds. Parents will be notified via Connect when sessions are available throughout 2022.
If you would like further information about eSafety for young people, the government website ‘eSafety’ is a useful resource. https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents

For more information, please see the current Parent 1:1 iPad Handbook. The 2022 Parent handbook, including updated app list, will be available at the beginning of the school year.