We Look Forward To Having You Apart Of Our Community


To enrol at our school in Pre-Primary to Year 6, please complete and return the Enrolment Pack - Application provided in the link below and provide all required supporting documentation. 

For Kindy Applications, please select the Kindy Application for Enrolment Form from the Enrolments tab.

Application for Enrolment .PDF



We will need to sight the following documentation:

  • Child’s birth certificate

  • Child’s Immunisation History Statement from Medicare that is up to date and less than 2 months old (For Kindy 2022 applications it must be printed after the 24th of May 2021 to be current (This can be obtained through My Gov if you have Medicare as a linked service, otherwise Medicare can provide a copy to you)

  • Proof of address:

    • If a home owner – Council Rates Notice from City of Armadale plus 1 utility bill that services the home i.e. Gas, Power. Water bill

    • If renting your home – Lease agreement (with a minimum of 3 months on lease) plus 1 utility bill that services the home i.e. Gas, Power. Water bill

  •  If the child is not born in Australia or the child is born in Australia but both parents are not born in Australia, then we will require the following:

    • Child’s Passport

    • Parent’s Passport

    • VEVO Documents containing the Visa type, Visa grant Number and Visa Expiry Date (Please ensure the last date of arrival to Australia is written on the Enrolment Application in the space provided), or

    • Child’s Australian Passport

    • Parent’s Australian Passport or

    • Citizenship Certificates for either Parent or Child


If you will be living with family/ friends in their home, to provide proof of address you will need to provide the following proof of address documents instead:

  • Home owner’s rates notice from the City of Armadale or Lease agreement in their name

  • 1 Utility bill that services the home i.e. Water bill, Power Bill, Gas Bill in their name

  • Statutory Declaration written by the Home Owner/ Lease Holder and witnessed by the required professional, stating that you and the child/ren are residing with them in their home and the duration of this arrangement i.e. 3 month, indefinitely etc.

If you have any enquiries regarding enrolments, please call 9397 4300 or email piarawaters.ps.enrolments@education.wa.edu.au